Best Routine and Workouts for Teenage Guys at Home

Teen doing workout

As a teenager, you already know how vital your health is and why you need to stay healthy and continue building your muscles. Finding the right workouts for teenage guys at home may not be easy as you think. A teen or young adult is someone between age 13 and 19. Teenage years are also known as the adolescence age. Meaning that it is a critical stage of life for proper development. However, not most teenagers will think about their fitness development and how healthy they are. 

The development process of teenagers is mental, physical, and social. The development process continues till the age of 20, so it is important to take advantage of this time so that you get the best especially when it comes to keeping fit. Full body workout can be done at the comfort of your home with the use of equipment or without equipment. The type of exercise one engages in will entirely depend on the muscles targeted. For example, muscles like biceps and back are usually hard to work out while home but there are many more workouts one can do while at home. 

Types of Exercises for Teenagers while At Home

When you are in your teen years, one can engage in several types of exercises at the comfort of their home. With this in mind, it is essential for one to identify the type of exercise that is best for them. In this section, we are going to look for the different types of workouts for teenage guys at home. 

  • Physical Exercise – During the teenage stage, one is going through various development, both mentally and physically. With this in mind, young adults need to engage in some form of physical. It is recommended that one should have at least one hour of physical workout daily. If it is not possible, it is best to try and do at least thirty minutes, this will be ideal to keep one fit.
  • Running – Running is something not most teenagers will think of when they are growing up. However, this is a form of exercise that is easily available and proves to work tremendously. Running is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise not only for teenagers but also for everyone else. It can be done indoors with a running machine or you can decide to run outdoors. Running is known for making muscles more flexible. It directly impacts physical development for those who decide to take part.
  • Acrobatic activity – Acrobatic is another form of workout that can have a positive effect on one’s physical development. Acrobatic is part of gymnastics. Acrobatics can be an effective way to stay healthy as you grow in your teenage years. Acrobatic activity is simple and can be done at the comfort of your home so there is no pressure.
  • Walking – As a teenager, one might not think that working is an effective form of workout, but it can be a great opportunity to stay healthy. Walking for exercise needs to be done in some spaces. When walking, always take a long distance. 
  • Dancing – As a teenager, dancing is something you probably enjoy doing, so why not do it as a form of exercise. Tune to your favourite music and dance away as you try and keep fit. Dancing can stretch muscles that you do not usually stretch daily. 

As a teenager, there are several types of exercises or workout routines that you can do to help you stay fit. Once you find something you love doing, make sure to get the best out of it. 

Easy Workouts for Teenage guys at home with no Equipment

We are going to look at some of the exercises that can give any teenager an excellent cardio workout. As a teenager, these few routines can help you keep fit as you continue to develop:

1. Burpees

Burpees provide a good form of workout while at home. Them just need one to have enough space in their room and utilize their body weight. Burpees are not difficult to do. You start by standing, take your arms up high, jump then get down, do one push up and come back up. One should repeat at least ten times. Burpees work out the legs and chest.

2. Air Squats

Air squat for Workouts for Teenage Guys at Home

Air squats do not require the use of equipment. One needs to stand slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Your feet need to be flat and back straight at all times. With your hands out in front of you make sure to squat down and your knees don’t pass your toes. This needs to be done about 35 times. It mainly works the legs. 

3. Plank

Plank for Workouts for Teenage Guys at Home

As a teenager, you can easily work on your abs when you at home by doing planks. Planks require one to stay in the pushup position and get your whole body flat with the forearms touching the floor. One will need to squeeze their core and hold this position for around one minute or more. 

4. Dips

Dips for Workouts for Teenage Guys at Home

For teenagers who are looking to work out their triceps muscles, this is an ideal form of workout. One needs to have their hands behind them, fingers pointing towards the body, and the legs flat out in front. The next step is to bring their body down as far as possible and use the bed of the elbows to help them come back up. 

In conclusion:

By doing the above workouts and many more, one can get the best out workouts routine for teenage guys at home. If possible, one should do these workouts at least every day to get immediate and positive results. You do not require many resources to achieve a good home workout routine. All you need is time, space, and dedication. As a teenager, it is vital to consider staying physically fit especially during your development years.

Regularly engaging in exercise is the best way to naturally keep fit and tone one’s muscles. Training and working out in your teen years is an investment for your older years, so you better start early to avoid complications later in life.