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Once these exercises are performed, we get a clear idea of pull-ups being hard to execute as compared to chin-ups. But the question which arises is though being very similar in general forms, why are pull-ups harder than chin-ups? Let’s explore!

Both of these exercises are considered to be the king of the iron jungle or upper body exercise. This post is not at all pull-ups vs. chin-ups but simply throwing light on the reason which makes one difficult than the other. It’s highly recommended that you practice both as they stabilize your back and core incredibly. Keep Reading!

The direction of palms – The basic

When we talk about pull-ups, the technique involves holding a bar in which the palm faces the floor. The pull is initiated with the help of lat muscle where we can enjoy the benefit of the strength of those big muscles.

On the other hand, Chin-ups are carried out with the added benefit of our biceps which contributes to the exercise. So it’s the target muscles being used in performing these two exercises which differentiate in the strain involved. 

It’s not your back creating difficulty – The reality

Now, even if you perform quite a consecutive number of chin-ups, when it comes to pull-ups it leaves one vanquished. The common belief which prevails in one’s mind is mostly the strength of back to be a drawback. But you are wrong!

The actual reason is the radial muscle playing a major role. It is the part of our forearms that faces a challenge when we put pressure on bending our elbows. While you carry out pull-ups, you will notice this muscle popping up the moment you start pulling yourself towards the bar.

In the case of Chin-ups, these muscles don’t face major pressure which makes it easier for you to move on. The pulls are not as much exerted by radialis muscle while conducting chin-ups as compared to pull-ups. So, a weak radialis muscle is an answer and reason behind why are pull-ups harder than chin-ups.

Daily work gifts stooped shoulders – a secondary reason

It’s not just the gym or home we spend time doing exercise, but our lives involve working for our livelihood too. Daily work generally demands long hours in front of computers and bad sitting postures which give a hunch to shoulders. 

With the spine rounded forward, it’s difficult for the shoulders to pull back and down with ease. This forces the biceps and lats to contribute more towards your pull-ups making it difficult to resist for long.

So, this is why pull-ups are harder than chin-ups. However, exercising is a form of artistry, and the level of mastery on same caries drastically from person to person. So, there might be people, who can find chin-ups harder than pull-ups and there’s nothing to be astonished by the fact! The primary goal should be staying fit and healthy. So, never give up on the habit of exercising!

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