Why Are Diamond Push Ups So Hard?

Why are diamond push ups so hard

Push ups are a great way to build arm muscles and to increase the size of your triceps. They are also great for toning the muscles in your upper body, and over the years, there have been different variations to this type of muscle training procedure. One of such procedures, which is also the hardest, is the diamond push up.

Diamond Push ups

Diamond push ups are a more rigid and advanced form of push ups, which is very different from the classic push ups that keep the hands apart. To do a diamond push up, you need to bring your hands together to an almost touching distance below your chest. Then, when you go down with your hands in position, it forms a diamond shape. Also, in the same position, your legs are extended in a straight line, and this position is maintained as you push up and down.

This technique is quite popular in the army because it works on the chests and puts more pressure on the abdominal and arm muscles. Classic military training use diamond push ups to build the upper body strength of service members.

Difference between a regular push up and a diamond push up

You need to take a similar position to do both push-ups, but the difference is how you place your hands. For the classic and regular push ups, your hands are positioned far apart, making it easier to lift your upper body off the ground and bring it back to the ground in repeated movement. However, to do the diamond, your hands have to be positioned close to each other to perform tricep muscle movement. Diamond push ups have more effect on your upper body muscles, but they are more difficult to sustain for a long period.

regular pushup

Why is it so hard?

But why are diamond push ups so hard to execute? Well, this push up method is hard because when in motion, you rely solely on your tricep. Secondly, the position isolates your triceps and limits the involvement of your chest and shoulders. Thirdly, the position puts your triceps in an awkward position, so you cannot flex them to their fullest potential.

How to do diamond push ups the right way?

Despite being a tough physical exercise, many people have been able to master diamond push ups, and if they could, so can you. Let us show you how to do diamond push ups the right way.

Step 1: Go down on all fours with your chest facing the ground. Let your limbs rest on the tip of your toes and your upper body on your hands. Make sure your hands are very close together with your index finger and thumb touching each other in a diamond shape. Also, make sure that your palms are flat on the ground.

Step 2: With your legs outstretched and resting on your toes, spread them a little apart from each other.

Step 3: Now, with your hands and legs in position, begin your motion in slow movements. Lift your upper body above the ground, then slowly go to the ground without changing position. As you go to the ground, your shoulder blades and wrists bear the full weight of your upper body.

Step 4: Repeat the movement as much as you can, but don’t overdo it, so you don’t hurt yourself. As your fitness gets better, you can increase the set.

Simpler Diamond Push Up Techniques

Unfortunately, not many have the muscle mass and strength to do diamond push ups effectively as they should. The few who can are unable to sustain the motion for long. This is why they shy away from doing it in the first place. If you find it very difficult to do the diamond, here are some variations you can adopt.

The Prenatal: The Prenatal position involves performing the diamond on your knees. This position reduces the pressure on your triceps.

Beginners: If you are new to this push up procedure, don’t start with the actual diamond, alternate between your knees and your toes.

Advanced Diamond: For more effect, try changing the position of your back by bending your lower body as you move.

Weak back: If you have a weak back, place additional pads on the floor and use your knees, not your toes.

Weak wrist: if you feel significant pain in your wrist area, decrease your speed and movement. Speed will place more tension on your wrist, which may lead to more pains.

Advanced diamond push up

How to avoid injuries

Diamond push ups can cause serious injuries if forced or done incorrectly. This is why fitness experts advise practitioners to be cautious. If you wish to make diamond push ups your regular fitness exercise, you need to know the following.

Know when to avoid it: If you have a pre-existing condition, don’t attempt it at all. For example, if you are recovering from an illness or just underwent surgery, doing this exercise will put your body under so much stress. Another thing to take note of is your physical well-being. The moment you notice severe pains in your wrist or shoulders, stop it for a while. Also, avoid it if you are not fit.

Rest: Give your body time to rest. You don’t have to do diamond push-ups every few hours or every day of the week. Many people think they grow muscle in real-time as they perform physical exercises, but this is not the case. Instead, you grow muscles when your body is at rest after your session. Giving your body time to rest will help it recover and allow your aching muscles to heal. However, if you force it, you may suffer grave injuries.

Benefits of doing Diamond Push Ups

Diamond push ups may be more difficult to pull off but believe us when we say that it is far more effective than regular push ups.

Very effective tricep exercises

Diamond push ups are very effective for building your triceps. It places you in an awkward position which exposes your triceps to more pressure. As you push up and go down to the ground, your muscles will expand and contract under regular motion.

Work multiple muscles at once

What many don’t know is that diamond push ups work on several upper body muscles, not just your triceps.  Also, it affects your lower body as your limbs maintain a straight line position while resting in your toes. Finally, when you do it correctly, diamond push ups activate the chest and shoulder muscles as your pectoralis and anterior deltoid feels the impact of the pressure. All these contribute towards a perfectly toned upper body.

Increased strength

Doing regular push ups increase body strength and stability. At some point, you will begin to feel stronger, particularly in your arms, as your muscle core develops.