When Should I Start Cutting | Guide for Beginners

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“When should I start cutting?” If you are unable to decide the right time to start cutting for the summers, we can help you clear your confusion.

With summers around the corner, many of you want to show off your ripped body. You have successfully gained weight for a while and you need to start cutting now. But you are not sure when to start. In this post, we will answer all your cutting-related questions. If you are interested to know more about this, give this article a read.

What is cutting?

Cutting refers to the removal of body fat through diet and exercise. This is a very popular term used in the bodybuilding community.

While some bodybuilders focus on bulking, others focus on cutting. Before entering a cutting cycle, you must bulk and gain muscles. Professional bodybuilders spend 365 days to bulk and then enter a cutting cycle. This helps them to shed fat and make the muscles more prominent and defined. They do so to take part in professional bodybuilding competitions.

When should you start cutting?

When should I start cutting? To answer this question, you need to first determine the type of physique you want or the amount of fat you want to lose. To give you a better understanding, we have breakdown the details below:

A small cut, elite physique

People belonging to this category have very little fat to cut off. You are already lean and just have to shed a little more so that your muscles become more visible. For people in this category, they should cut for 6 to 8 weeks. This should be enough for them to get rid of a small amount of fat. Within this period, you can drop up to 10 lbs.

Medium cut, intermediate to advanced physique

Bodybuilders falling in this category should cut for at least 12 to 16 weeks to drop around 20 lbs. Compared to the first category, people in this category have more fats to lose. This is why they need more time to lose fat. To reduce fat faster, you will have to reduce your calories significantly. But at the same time make sure that you are not losing muscle mass.

Long cut, beginner physique

If you are not worried about losing muscle mass, but only care about losing fat, then you should cut for 5 months or more. This cutting cycle is suitable for people who haven’t done it before. This could be a great way to lose weight. But if you are into bodybuilding, this category is not suitable for you.

You should start cutting based on the type of physique you want by the arrival of summer. If you have more fats to shed, start a few months earlier and so on. Also, you should not go below 8% of body fat as it can be risky for your body.

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