What To Do On Rest Days Bodybuilding

What To Do On Rest Days Bodybuilding

Why do athletes and bodybuilders hate the rest days? Doesn’t their body want to recover from training and exhaustion of week’s exercise? Sometimes, overtraining can be the reason for sore muscles and also make them vulnerable to injuries.

Do you want to be the person who cannot enjoy your free time and stress over going back to the gym? It disturbs your mental peace and also of the people around you. So, all you need is a rest day in your life to rejuvenate and recover yourself.

Having a rest day can actually help in improving your bodybuilding performance. So, what to do on rest days bodybuilding? We will discuss how you can efficiently utilize your rest days to improve your movements and recover from muscle pain.

Why Do You Need A Day Rest In Your Bodybuilding Routine?

When you work out or perform any exercise, your muscles break. Thus, they become weak and can regain their strength after a day or two of training.

That’s the reason you won’t do the same exercise every day to break the same muscle without giving it enough time to restore.

So, a day’s break would help the muscles grow and retain their strength back to normal.

What To Do On Rest Days Bodybuilding?

Some people use rest days for cheat meals. People tend to consume junk food that results in gaining back what they lost so far.

In weight loss, exercise only contributes to twenty percent. The remaining eight percent depends on the way you eat and your lifestyle. What you need to do is devise a plan for your rest days.

Think about how you can use the day for your muscle recovery so that they become capable of fighting life-threatening injuries and diseases. You can make a recovery plan for yourself.

If you are unable to make one, we are here to help you out.

Recovery Plan For Rest Days

A recovery plan will help you schedule your rest day so that you don’t feel like you wasted a day.

Do Not Limit The Movements

After an intense run or strength training, you must have felt soreness in your muscles the next day. How to recover from the muscle breakage effectively and early?

You need to be mobile and flexible. Mobility and stretching will help you make your body ready for the next day’s strength training. Also, you should always try to do five-minute stretching every morning, even if it is your rest day.

Walking, Interval Training, And Sprinting

Can you burn calories even on your rest day? The simple answer is yes. There are three ways to burn calories at home:

  • Sprints: You can build high speed and power with sprinting. All you need is to walk up and down a hill for twenty minutes, and you are done.
  • Interval Training: Here, you will shift between walking and jogging at regular intervals. Exercise boosts the metabolism in your body.
  • Walking: You can go for a long walk at any time of the day. It doesn’t need any kind of training. 

Doing Mobile Activities

A rest day doesn’t mean you will end up staying in bed all day. It’s your time to engage in more fun activities you cannot enjoy during your training days. These are some activities you can do on your rest day:

  • Go swimming
  • Running in your neighborhood or park
  • Rock climbing
  • Dance classes
  • Martial arts

You don’t need to exhaust yourself by doing these activities; they are meant to enjoy what you love the most on your rest days.


You must know the benefits of yoga. Yoga can help you relax your muscles after strength training. Further, it helps in recovery and aid in flexibility and mobility. You can join yoga classes, but you can also do yoga at home, learning from online videos.

Also, you can find an online instructor who can guide you with basic and advanced yoga postures.

Practices To Follow On Your Rest Day

What other activities can you do on your rest day of bodybuilding? It’s time to get your body and mind engaged in something productive.

Healthy Meal

You must be thinking, “Activities are done. What next?” Did you forget about eating and staying healthy? It’s time for some nutritious meal preparation. Even if it is your rest day, you need to be careful about what you eat.

Limit your carb intakes as you consume most of them when you go to the gym. Besides, you should think of taking proteins to help in the recovery of muscles. Add as many veggies and fresh fruits as possible to your diet.

Don’t forget to drink enough water. Water will help prevent muscle soreness and cramps by being a lubricant to your muscles and joints. However, there are various options to drink other hydrating juices, like watermelon juice containing enough water.

Brain Engagement

Apart from a body workout, you need mental exercise too. You can play chess, solve puzzles, or learn a new language to keep your brain activated. That’s the best way to keep your mind distracted from going to the gym.

Moreover, you need to get enough sleep so that your brain and body have enough time to recover. On average, you must have seven to nine hours of sleep as it will improve the reaction time and mental sharpness among bodybuilders.

Final Thoughts

Now, you must have got your answer to what to do on rest days bodybuilding. It all depends on you and your motivation to work on yourself and engage in activities that help you feel refreshed and happy.

Training every day would mean trying to overstress the body, reducing its ability to gain strength. Give yourself a rest from those exhausting exercise routines and try out these activities for stronger muscles and body.