What Muscles do Incline Bench Press Work

What Muscles do Incline Bench Press Work

The main purpose of finding out what muscles do incline bench press work is so that you get the maximum out of your workouts. Sometimes people exercise, just for the sake of it, they think that lifting a certain weight type, will solve all their problems and their body will change abruptly. Unfortunately, exercising is a complex field, and those who exercise need to which know what muscles do incline bench press work on.

We have compiled below a list of all the muscles that the incline bench press usually works and the techniques used in them. The incline bench press can be done in various ways as there are many types of variations. The variations that we will discuss in this guide will be for arms, shoulders, and chest.


There are many ways of performing the incline bench press; you can use dumbbells or barbells to do them. The first thing to do before performing this exercise is to change the position of your bench and make sure that it is inclined. The bench typically needs to be set at an angle of forty-five or sixty degrees. If you are doing the incline bench press with the help of dumbbells, then hold them close to your armpits, and you should accurately place your elbow under your wrists.

The technique is slightly different if you are using a barbell. With the help of your hands, grip the barbell rod, make sure that your arms are angled away from your shoulders. Hold the barbell rod right above your chest and do the exercise at a slower pace.

Bring your Arms Closer

While performing an incline bench press, you need to bring your arms together, as that will work a muscle in your shoulder blade, called the pectoralis major. This muscle is in the upper region of your chest, so it is a very important muscle. Do this exercise with your arms closer to each other, gradually increase the weight, and always maintain a slow pace so that you give the muscles a proper workout.

Properly Lift your Arms

When you are doing the incline bench press, it is of utmost importance that you maintain the positioning of your arms. Arms contain many muscles; every muscle needs to be worked on to get the most out of your workouts. Within your shoulder, a muscle called the deltoid starts at the clavicle, and ends at the top part of your arm.

To work this muscle, ensure that you have a good technique and are stable with your position. A mistake that people usually make is, they don’t finish the exercise properly. The exercise needs to end on top of your chest, just a few centimeters away from it. Otherwise, you will not get the proper benefit.

Elbow Muscles

There is also a muscle in your elbow that you can work on with the help of the incline bench press, and the name of this muscle is triceps bachii. This muscle starts from the shoulders and ends at your elbow. To give your elbows the maximum benefit, involve the triceps when you’re working out. Extend your triceps as much as possible, and make sure you have the correct stance and positioning.

What Muscles do Incline Bench Press Work

We have discussed above all the different types of muscles that the incline bench press works on. It has been established that the incline bench press exercise is quite complex as it can work on several types of muscles in the shoulders, chest, and elbows. We have also given the importance of technique, as when you are lifting weights, the technique is everything; otherwise, you will end up doing the exercise wrongly.

However, every exercise targets one major muscle, that is its focus, and that is what it tries to strengthen the most. The Incline bench press exercise also targets a specific muscle, and that is the anterior deltoid. There is a very important reason behind this, the anterior deltoid is one of the most important muscles in your body, and it starts at the shoulders, goes through your chest, and ends up in the upper section of your arm.

While the Incline bench press is an exercise that you can use for several reasons, its primary focus is to strengthen the anterior deltoid because that is an important muscle of your body as It does a lot of functioning.

Dumbbell Wrist Exercises

There are several wrist exercises that you can do with the help of dumbbells. However, the most common exercise for wrists is dumbbell curls. To do this exercise, you need to sit on a bench with the dumbbells in your hands, you will need to widen your leg stance, and then do a basic curl exercise.

Divide this exercise into sets and begin with lighter weights. Take breaks between the sets and start with eight rebs and work your way up. Similarly, with time gradually increase the size of the weights as well.

dumbbells for What Muscles do Incline Bench Press Work

Note of Caution

While performing the incline bench press is great, you need to ensure that you are using the proper equipment and guidance. The incline bench press is a dangerous exercise; if you do not do it properly, it can damage your spine and force you to quit exercising altogether. It would be best if you did not quit exercising because of an injury, which is why we have given below a few tips that you should keep in mind before doing the Incline bench press.


Some people want to do everything at home, as they feel more comfortable and few distractions. However, sometimes people ignore the quality of their equipment, so they end up buying cheap and mediocre products. Always buy your equipment from trusted and well-known brands.

Speak to your Doctor

It is important to get checked by your doctor before starting a heavy-duty exercise like the incline bench press. The doctor will evaluate your body, especially your spine, and then let you know whether you can perform the exercise or not. Please do not miss out on this crucial step. Otherwise, you may end up causing yourself more harm than good.


Getting the right information and guidance is key to perform exercise accurately. Before seeking help from a trainer, ensure that they are certified. And once you get a trainer, stick to it; there is no to get new advice every few weeks; it will only add to your confusion. Getting the right info on what muscle do incline bench press work on is also important.