The Top 5 Hip Twist Exercises | Most Sought After List

Girl doing Hip Twist Exercises

In this era of agility, we can hardly take out a few hours to take care of our body fitness. In the daily rat-race of life, we often forget the good old saying ‘health is wealth’. As a result, we start losing the flexibility and fitness of the body and adopt numerous health problems with the growing age. It’s the high time to focus on holistic well-being and save ourselves from the agony of myriad complicated health issues by performing some effective exercises. One of the most effective exercises that help in improving body flexibility and posture is the hip twist exercise. This involves the vigorous movement of the upper and lower abs. Moreover, it simultaneously stretches your obliques. This post explores the best 5 hip twist exercises and their benefits. Good reading!

Bicycle crunches

One of the most vital exercises for muscle building, bicycle crunches undoubtedly carries a challenging outlook. They are extremely helpful when it comes to working on your upper, middle, and lower abs. Besides, the make you strengthen your hamstrings and quads, and improve postures.

The good part is, you will always have the option of modifying the crunch according to your strength level. Naturally, it makes a way for developing your personal fitness goal. You can practice this in three consecutive steps. They look like the following. 

Step One: The positioning

First, you need to lie flat on the floor, lacing your hands behind your head. Spread your elbows wide and touch the back of your head lightly using your palms and fingers. To make it more comfortable you can use a yoga mat or carpet.

At the next step, you need to unwind, looking linearly to the ceiling. It will help you in avoiding holding tension in your shoulders. Remember, you need to avoid interlocking your fingers because you might need to pull on your neck, which may lead to muscle strain.

Now, you are required to bend your knees up and keep the angle at ninety degrees. Don’t let your feet be unplanted from the floor. This will help you in forming the peak of a triangle when you bring your knees up.

Another thing that you need to check is, your knees must not be knocking together when they are at a ninety degrees angle. Maintain a clear space between them.

Step Two: Getting into the performance.

First, go for lifting your legs up and away from your body. When you are in such a position, with knees bent, try lifting your feet up. Your leg should be extended and slightly bent at the knees. Remember, straightening your legs extensively can tighten your hamstring muscles. So, avoid doing the same.

In the next move, pull your right knee to your chest along with touching your left elbow to it. Make sure that your shoulder blades are raised off the floor and you should feel clear stretches on your abs, not on your arms! 

Alternate the crunch in the same way. Start with one to two sets and each set should contain ten to twelve crunches. Gradually, raise the number to four to five sets with twenty to twenty-five crunches in each.

It’s always better to time yourself for sets rather than counting the crunches. To clarify, one set may last between twenty to seventy seconds.

Step Three: Experiment with variations.

As said before, the king of hip twist exercises, bicycle crunches can be customized in different ways. When you are a pro of the basics, now is the time to get your hands dirty with the variations.

First, stand instead of lying down and go for performing the sets. Don’t peddle your knees, instead, keep them bent.

You can also lie on a bench and perform bicycle crunches, and make your workout session even more challenging.

Russian Twist

One of the most interesting hip twist exercises, Russian Twist helps you increasing body flexibility. To perform Russian Twist, you need to start by sitting on the floor. Bent your knees and feet flat on the ground. Now, lean back and keep your upper body at a forty-five degree angle to the floor.

Make sure you have kept your back straight and you need to check for the same throughout exercising. Never forget to overcome the temptation of hunching your shoulders forward.

Join your hands and put them in front of your chest. At the same time, consider bracing your core. Pull your legs up and keep your arms rotating. Start with a set of two with ten to fifteen moves per rep.

Leg Circles

To perform this unique hip twist exercise, all you need to do is to lie on the floor with straight, extended legs. Keeping your abs tight while pressing your lower back to the floor is imperative.  Lift your legs straight to a position in which they make a perpendicular to the floor.

Enjoy your session by making big circles with your legs joint together. Perform this in both clockwise and anti-clockwise. To start with, perform two to three sets.

Walking Rotation Lunges

Keep your feet in hip-width apart, while being in a standing position. Now, get a dumbbell and hold it both hands. Expand your arms. Now, put your right foot forward, approximately three feet, and bend your knees ninety degrees into a lunge.

Simultaneously, keep rotating your torso and dumbbell to the right. Remember, you need to keep your arms straight. Once done, get back to the standing position and repeat the method with left leg. As a beginner, you can perform this for eight to ten times in two to three sets.

Plank Hip Twist

Get into a plank position. Keep your elbows touched on the floor or yoga mat. Plunge your toes and put your belly up off the mat. You must keep your back unswerving. Now, bear down on your belly button in, warping your left hip and make it touch the mat or floor.

Now, get back to the plank position and twist your right hip and make it touched with the floor or mat. It completes one rep and you can start with a set of two to three.

The mentioned hip twist exercises can be extremely helpful in developing robust, flexible abs and obliques. Consider integrating them in your daily exercise routine today! If you find difficulty in performing them by yourself, don’t hesitate to seek the guidance of a certified trainer.

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