How To Get Ripped Without A Gym?

How To Get Ripped Without A Gym

You desire a ripped body but don’t have time to spend hours at the gym? Social and work life has made it impossible to take out time for the gym. Don’t worry, as you can achieve a ripped physique without spending countless hours at the gym. For that, dedication and hard work are all you need.

Instead of paying for a gym membership, you can utilize the comfortable space of your home and outdoors to strengthen your muscles and burn calories. In case you want to learn how to get ripped without a gym, we have all the answers.

Tips on How to Get Ripped Without A Gym

It isn’t necessary to join a gym if you desire a ripped body (You can have one like this even at 40, look here). All you need is to make changes in the lifestyle and choose suitable exercise.

Here, we will discuss how to get a ripped body without spending hours at the gym.

Plank Training

Planks are great for shoulders, arms and core abdominal muscles. If you perform planks in addition to making the proper diet plan, you will eventually get the six-pack abs. Moreover, you can perform planks anywhere whenever you get some time, at your home, office or outdoors.

To do the exercise, lay your belly on the floor. You need to position and support your body with elbows under the shoulder, forearms and toes. Try to keep your back straight and contract your abdominals. Maintain the position for at least one minute and repeat it three times a day.

Get Your Set of Gym Equipment at home

You can open a mini-gym at your home. The equipment need not have to be that complicated or expensive. You can simply purchase a medicine ball, mat, skipping rope, and a set of weights.

Set up a separate room at your home to place the equipment and exercise daily. Do not break the routine as you will gain what you lost after such hard work.

Proper Diet Plan

How to get ripped without a gym? The simple answer is to take care of your diet. An unhealthy lifestyle will not help you get a ripped body even if you perform all kinds of exercises. You need a diet that is high in nutrients and low in calories.

Fill your plate with healthy fats like nuts and avocado, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, plan your diet for post and pre-workout.

Cardio Training

Nothing can beat cardio training if you want to get a ripped body. Strength training will enhance lean muscle mass. Besides, cardio will help burn calories resulting in weight loss and boosting metabolism.

You should choose the exercise that can work magic on the muscle groups, including cross-country skiing, hiking, cycling and running.

Final Thoughts

How to get ripped without a gym? Just take care of your diet and perform the necessary exercises. The right combination of exercise and a healthy diet will fill your body with nutrients and burn off the calories to get a ripped physique.

So, get up, make a diet plan, and start exercising to build a lean body. 

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