How Long Does it Take to Get Shredded?

How Long Does it Take to Get Shredded?

Before beginning any fitness routine, you must have thought of how much time it requires to complete your fitness goal, didn’t you? We always plan things before accomplishing them.

Accordingly, how long does it take to get shredded anyway? Its answer rests on a number of influences – the percentage of fat, present build, and type of body. Further, it relies on whether you want the starting point and development of muscles.

To get a perfectly shredded build is the fitness goal of many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. However, it will require effort and dedication to accomplish these fitness goals.

So here, we are going to discuss the ways to attain a shredded body and how much time you should invest. Keep reading to learn more!

How Long Does It Take To Get Shredded Naturally?

Fat loss is a continuous procedure, and various factors contribute to mass shredding and maintaining body weight. The genes and initial point are one of them.

Therefore, you should have the self-control to follow a nutritious diet and proper training routines for some weeks for a shredded physique.

Apart from that, you must reflect on the below-mentioned crucial points for quick results:
• Building muscle strength
• Aiming to reduce the percentage of body fat to about eight to ten percent

Defining Goals For A Perfectly Shredded Physique

Think about what your goal is and what type of shredded body you want. For example, a shredded body means you need to build muscle strength but lose fat on your body. It can also mean having both minimum body fat percentage and muscle growth.

So, you must define the fitness goals to carry out your training approach.

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Creating A Timeline

If someone has about twenty percent fat along with normal muscle growth, it will get shredded at a faster rate compared to the skinny person. That’s because muscle mass takes additional time to build, but they will lose fat faster.

You can build muscles with the right hypertrophy and intensive routine in addition to a nutritious and calorie-free diet. Also, muscle growth keeps reducing as you reach a high experience level.

Thus, you will find beginner athletes with ample muscle build compared to advanced athletes.

The body’s build will help determine how fast the fat reduction process can happen. Also, a diet low in calories is what you should include in your lifestyle to lose weight effectively.

What Should Be Your Workout Strategy For Getting Shredded?

With a clear goal in mind, you can now plan and think about what a suitable workout plan is for you. You can look it up on the internet or ask any personal trainer to guide you.


Without proper diet, your exercise or any workout routine will not show positive results. You cannot concentrate on either one of the following, nutritious food or intensive training. Each works together to provide the best results.

Calorie Cut

Firstly, a calorie deficit diet plan is needed in place. However, do not go beyond seven hundred calories as it can result in muscle build reduction. Instead, try to consume a more protein-rich diet to retain and restore hard-gained muscles.

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Protein Diet

Proteins help in building your muscles. So, you should at least have a sufficient quantity of protein in your food. Protein is your way to go if you want proper muscle development.

Micronutrients And Fiber-Rich Food

Make sure that the diet includes minerals, fiber, and vitamins. You need fiber and micronutrients for proper food digestion. So, add fresh veggies and juicy fruits to your diet.

Workout Plan

Now is your phase for the actual action. Your workout plan is going to help you determine how long does it take to get shredded.

Intensive Training

Do not leave any muscle unbroken while training your body. Generally, muscle training requires intensive strength training. That being said, there will be no growth or stimulation if your muscles are not trained enough.

Increase Number Of Sets

Gradually increase the number of sets every day for each exercise. However, the motive is not to overstress or overstrain yourself. Your goal here is to increase the capability of performing more rounds of sets to boost muscle strength.

It is ideal to perform ten to twenty sets for each muscle group after every seven days.

How Long Does it Take to Get Shredded?

Training Each Muscle Group

If you try to train one muscle group two times in seven days, it will promote muscle strength. Ultimately, it will enhance hypertrophy.

High-Intensity Training

You can add HIIT to your workout routine as it can burn more calories compared to traditional or conventional cardio routines. Moreover, it will reduce fat and boost metabolism in your body.

Be Patient, And You Will Notice The Results

By following a proper diet plan and workout strategy, you can see positive results in a few weeks. However, each body type works differently and reacts differently to each workout.

So, if your body can take some time to show results, then do not stress and train excessively. Losing fat at a fast rate and taking stress is a terrible combination that will result in muscle mass reduction.

Furthermore, stress will only result in fat accumulation. All you can do is follow the balanced diet scheme and be determined and meticulous. With this, you can attain results in less time and get your dream physique in no time.

Final Thoughts

Thus, how long does it take to get shredded relies on how you monitor your diet plan and workout strategy. It won’t give you immediate results; however, you will surely get the outcome you want.

Remain motivated and self-controlled to attain your goals. Do not let your efforts go in vain by breaking its flow. Be regular and well-organized, even if you will lose fat in more time than usual.