Getting Ripped at 40 | The Journey

Getting Ripped at 40

It’s never too late to be happy, regardless of the fact which makes you feel so. Having a fit body, be it muscular or flexible, is something whenever imagined, set one’s heart on. But the question remains, will it be possible getting ripped at 40? 

A straight-forward answer to this is a big yes for those who have the intention to do so. The process certainly differs from the one being carried in the twenties and this article will let you know-how. It’s not at all the age which gifts us fat but our eating habits, activities and in some cases medical issues offer the same.

The inception

Now, that you have made up your mind let’s share the reality. The very first stage should be adaption to an absolute routine as it’s the core principle regardless of age groups. It’s highly suggested to customize a warm-up session suits your regimen. This will help your muscles to get ready for sessions without any harm. 

With growing age, falls down the testosterone levels and it’s normal. This stands as a reason behind difficulties in gaining muscles at a certain age but there’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do will be the development of an effective strength-training program and being faithful towards it.  

The addition of aerobics and cardio would do wonders in losing some of the weight in the initial days. Here are some of the exercises which you could perform:

  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Rowing
  • Jump roping

Diet holds the crown

You must have heard that exercise alone can’t help you getting ripped at 40 or any other stage. There’s a rule which says to follow eighty percent nutrition and twenty percent exercise. Until and unless you have a proper meal on your table, the efforts towards workout might seem disappointing.

A proper diet chart will help you create a caloric deficit. Now in terms of losing weight, exercise and diet can be assumed to be made for each other. So don’t try making a difference between these two activities. 

It’s your food that gives the energy to work out and to meet the daily hustle-bustle of life. Consumption of the right calorie plays a major role as it helps to gain muscle rather than fat. Protein should be your primary concern and to help you further we have listed some of the foods which should be included in your menu:

  • Chicken and Fish
  • Brown Rice 
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus 

To maximize your workout levels and to promote recovery focus on supplements such as Vitamin D, Fish oil, Magnesium and, creatine monohydrate

Now, as you know about the change in food which you need to adapt, don’t forget the most important component of our body…Water! We can survive for several days without food but water is irresistible for our body. Make sure you consume three to four bottles of water daily and the count can be increased while you work out. 

Decipher how distinctive you are!

Not everyone is the same and you need to acknowledge this. You might hear from others that the more you work out, the more accelerated your journey would be. But this is not the case. Choose to work light on the exercises which supply you with pain and aches. 

You cannot just jump into lifting heavy weights all of a sudden before giving preparation to your body to tackle this. Lighter weights and higher reps could also accomplish your journey of getting ripped at 40.

On the other hand, the same strategy needs to be imposed on choosing the exercise to be performed. You might find difficulty in some of the workouts and some might be facile. Don’t stress yourself too much for the ones which are strenuous for you. Take it easy! 

Lifting heavy weights and extreme exercise regularly might turn into a nightmare. Don’t torture your elbows, shoulders, wrists, and knees as minor pain can eventually grow to the capability of interfering with your training. Consider having a mixture of weights starting from high to low and a balanced exercise. 

Invest in rest – Don’t quit untill you get shredded

Your body is the only machine with no spare parts. To keep yourself healthy and body parts active and well-functioned, you need to fulfill its demand for rest. At times the stress might develop a feeling to quit the journey but you need to keep on moving. 

Create rest days for yourself after every three to four days of extensive workout as it needs time to recover. The feeling of quitting will stand as the biggest obstacle in the journey of getting ripped at 40. Taking rest and spending a good time will also help you fight this and keep you motivated.

It’s not a flight from point A to point B

Regardless of your age, the reality is the same for everyone and that’s the duration. Things are not going to happen overnight and the duration varies on an individual’s output towards the same. It’s not just your physical energy contributing to the better you but also the emotional vibrancy. 

You need to step up after every stage you master your routine. The closer you get to your genetic potential which your height and weight allow you, the further you proceed. Trying taking a mate along with, and celebrate small achievements. Keep a note of the weights you have put up and other activities, to help fuel yourself climbing the ladder of achievement. 

It’s You vs. You

Now that you have a clear idea of getting ripped at 40, the only thing to commence the journey is your dedication. Don’t give yourself too much time to begin the journey. Hope in and let your mirror see the fit, slim and muscular you in the upcoming days. 

Before you start, just remember that the only bad workout will be the one you didn’t do.

Hope this article answered it all! Best of Luck!