Does Crossfit Works For Skinny Guys?

does CrossFit works for skinny guys

CrossFit is a high-intensity program for fitness which is a combination of elements from different sports and several exercises. When people start doing CrossFit, initially, they are not sure whether they would achieve their desired results or not.
In this article, we will discuss CrossFit and we will answer the big question: does CrossFit works for skinny guys?

CrossFit Workout

A high-intensity interval training, strength and conditioning workout is consisting of functional movement. The movements are the activities that a person can perform in daily life, for example, pushups, pulling, running, weightlifting, body movements, etc. 

CrossFit Weightlifting

Weightlifting is performed to build muscles. In a study, it is found that CrossFit may be more harmful than weightlifting because of the high-intensity workouts. The participant’s workout beyond their physical capacity can lose control, collapse, and injury.   

Equipment used in CrossFit

CrossFit emphasizes elements like load, speed, and distance, which develop a high power level in the participants. CrossFit workout enables numerous equipment like rowers and bikes, speed ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, rings, and plyo boxes. 

Guides for CrossFit

Guides for CrossFit are available on various websites. These websites display all the exercises and the technical language of the same. There is also a guide on YouTube. For FAQs, you can go to exercise forums cross-fit sections that explain all the elements and their levels of CrossFit. Moreover, fitness levels do not describe constant elements, but those are adaptable and scalable to be changed according to your goals and fitness level

CrossFit for all Ages

There is a concept in some people’s minds that CrossFit is only for youngsters. According to Tony Caravajal, Certified CrossFit Trainer, these exercises with athletic competencies are good for all ages. Senior Citizens aged above 60 years and children above three years can get the advantages of CrossFit. However, counselors and advisors can guide which exercises are suitable at each slab of age. For example, an older adult can keep his body and mind strong, active, and healthy and develop coordination and balancing skills in a child.

Patrick Zeiher, the owner of CrossFit Indian Trail, says that CrossFit is suitable for all ages because of physical needs, not by kind. 

old man doing crossfit

CrossFit as Sports

CrossFit is considered an exercise, but one of the elements is the spirit of sports and competition. Several CrossFit gyms possess scoreboards, people inside the gym have competitions with each other, and results are posted on the scoreboard. The members also post the results and names of winners on social media. CrossFit exercises are used as a motivation although it does not follow any reward system. In this way, you do Crossfit and push yourself fast to get fast results.


Since CrossFit is a high-intensity workout, it also has dangers. From surveys, it was found that around 20% of people involved in CrossFit became injured. Because CrossFit is considered to be a recreational activity, this figure is quite high. A physical therapist Cuyler told that he examines quite a several injured people performing CrossFit, and most of them come after athlete exhaustions

CrossFit for Skinny Guys

People who are underweight and skinny face embarrassment in different situations. Women and girls generally don’t like skinny boys who are smaller than them. Many thin people wear double clothing to hide their skinny bodies or even take their shirts off in front of other people. CrossFit is a very useful activity for such people because it helps them gain weight, but it also boils down to your diet.

On the other side there is another school of thought believing that to make skinny body fat, the best way is weightlifting rather than CrossFit.

Gym Schedule for Skinny

Skinny people should not spend too much time in the gym each day, says Michael Matthews, the author of “Bigger, Leaner, Stronger” and founder of “Muscle for Life.” People doing CrossFit exercises should not spend more than two hours in the gym. Muscle and strength lifting should be done once or twice a week.

does CrossFit works for skinny guys

Compound Lifts are better than Isolation Exercises

If skinny guys have to make muscles, compound lifts are better than isolation exercises. The reason is that they work a lot of unlike muscles instantaneously and also your reduced steadying muscles. Compound lifts also provide a “Hormonal Boost” by increasing hormone levels which is not possible in isolation exercises. Compound lifts use more than one joint, for example, bench presses and rows.

Diet Plan

Skinny guys during their CrossFit have to take quite a good diet, that is, in the start recommended 32 to 36 calories per kg of the body weight, then increasing as per their body demands.  

 Slim people should also eat between 1.6 and 2 grams of proproteinare per kg according to their body weight. If someone weighs 90 kg, you have to take 90 grams of protein; it may be beef, mutton, fish, chicken, and eggs.

If you are skinny and busy in CrossFit, carbohydrates are also very important for your diet. Carbs are not only the source of calories but are also a source of energy. If you don’t take the proper amount of carbs, you can’t perform well at the gym. Not only this, but you can’t make the proper amount of muscles.

Don’t ignore carbs, though:

Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for your cells as they supply energy for muscle contractions. Intense exercises such as Cross Fit and strength training require a lot of quick energy sources in glucose, provided by carbohydrates. 

For skinny guys, there is no considerable disadvantage of consuming a very high-carb diet if you are taking the right amount of protein and fat with it. A diet high in calories will help the skinny guys in gaining their desired weight through CrossFit. 

However, you may need to modify your carbohydrate intake following your training days. Sports nutritionists suggest that people doing Cross Fit should prefer complex carbs instead of taking their major portion from white, refined carbs. 



Exercises play a vital role in our daily lives as other factors like proper diet, peaceful sleep, and entertainment. CrossFit is a high-intensity program for fitness that is a combination of several exercises. This program is suitable for all ages, heavy exercises for youngsters and light for aged people and children. The CrossFit counselors can advise either CrossFit or weightlifting is better. In the gyms, most of the equipment available for exercises can also be used for CrossFit.