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Man doing Crossfit bodyweight workouts

Workout is not just a road to walk on to reach the destination of a muscular body. It’s an overall therapy to bring out the real you which is composed of confidence and energy. Great Physic, stronger immune, and disciplined routine are some gifts that come as add-ons.

When we talk about exercises, Crossfit bodyweight workouts are something that you need to take under primary consideration. The flexibility of practicing it anywhere; be it your home or gym, gives it a reason to be chosen from many in their fitness journey.

Fascinated with the fitness level of people doing Crossfit?

Crossfit is a complete regiment that covers all aspects of fitness. Metabolic conditioning, gymnastic, weight lifting, and pretty much anything that you could imagine, Crossfit resembles all those.

It’s an extremely challenging workout where you not only defiance yourself physically but mentally too. Thus it helps develop mental toughness too which makes you overcome mental stress in day-to-day life.

Carried out at a high-intensity level, it’s a conditioning and strength workout comprised of effective movements. It differs from a conventional workout with variations over time in weight-lifting, squats, push-ups, etc.

The reason behind the strength which any individual accumulates from bodyweight Crossfit workouts is because of accentuation on the segments of load, distance, and speed. Making use of various pieces of equipment such as speed ropes, rings, rowers and bikes, kettlebells, etc adds more to the output.

Does your age stand as a factor to perform this?

You might have an assumption of the type of people for whom Crossfit bodyweight workouts are best suited. Generally, the thought would be like it’s meant for only youngsters and brawny ones. But this is not the case. It’s highly believed to benefit all range of ages, starting from teenagers (Check out this article too).

It delivers a sense of balance and coordination amongst all who practice it. Yes, there might be a time gap in adaption when it comes to comparing fifty-year-old and twenty-year-old performing bodyweight Crossfit workouts. The essence of sports and rivalry also makes it a very interesting and buoyant phase.

Some terms you need to know

Once you step into a Crossfit gym, there are certain terms that you will come across now and then. To practice Crossfit, there are a number of terminologies that you need to be aware of. The list includes the following.

  • RFT: Rounds for Time. Complete the number of given round with the highest possible agility.
  • AMRAP: As many reps as possible.
  • PR: Personal Record. It is an indication of the best level of performance being carried out by a particular exercise.
  • EMOM: Every minute on the minute.
  • LADDER: It’s a series of exercises where the number of reps is increased by one after every stage of conduct.
  • WOD: Workout of the day.   
  • SQ: Squat.   
  • TABATA: It alternates effort and rest at every twenty and ten seconds which is a total of eight rounds.
  • WOD: Workout of the Day.

Types of bodyweight Crossfit workouts

Usually, there are six renowned types of Crossfit bodyweight workouts. Trying out all these types will help you break up the monotony of body-part splits and turn you into a more perfect gymnast.

  • AMRAP – It’s all about getting done with a particular combination of certain exercises with the highest possible repetition in a stipulated time. You can define it better as a battle of mind over tiring muscle.
  • TABATA – If you are doing eight rounds of high-intensity intervals, which include the alternative of twenty seconds efforts and ten seconds rest, then you are practicing TABATA! This is indeed, a fat-eviscerating act!
  • RFT – RFT or rounds of time translates into the act of finishing a given number of rounds of a circuit with the highest agility. The best part of RFT is, it comes with short rest periods that helps in building up long-lasting muscle endurance. 
  • EMON – EMON or Every Minute on the Minute works like a running clock. It involves the act of performing a set number of reps with specific intervals, with the beginning of each minute. It assists you in evaluating your ability to recover. EMOM evolves three clean and jerks every minute.
  • Ladder – It involves one to ten reps of global squat (saigon squat) superset in association with ten to one round of pullups. To clarify, it consists of one or more movements that increase or decrease the workload over time.
  • Chipper – It includes a series of exercises typically of high reps. You need to complete it in the fastest time possible. Best for muscle building.

Must try Crossfit bodyweight workouts in your next gym session

However, the good news is you will have the option of extracting the physical benefits of the workout while going solo. The Crossfit WOD’s are unbelievably varied yet theme-centric. You will be doing vigorous amounts of reps of several exercises with the ultimate agility. Besides, it will help you to get to grip the lingo.

Often, you can find that the Crossfit WODs are mostly named after women, similar to the typhoons. The reason behind the same might be the feeling of extreme devastation just like a storm has hit your body. Well, it might sound a bit weird but undoubtedly the workouts will take the most out of you and instead, will award you with a robust, iron-like body.

So, let’s check out the exclusive list of the most trusted Crossfit workouts. Here we go!

Rotating Situp

Lie flat, keep your knees bent and feet flat. Leave the job of lifting your shoulders off the ground on your abs. Now, let your right hand reach over your left ankle. On the next rep, do it reverse.

Chest to Floor

Touch floor with your hands while being on a standing position. Now, jump your feet back to land so that it looks like a press-up position. Now, bring your chest to the floor. Then push back up, jump your feet forward to your hands and finally jump straight up. You must stand tall while landing and then you can move on to the next rep.

Jump Squat

Go for a deep squat and keep your thighs parallel to the ground. Now, drive your back up and leave into the air. Once you land, dive straight into the next squat.

Best Crossfit WODs

Now as you know the types and formats of bodyweight Crossfit exercise, it’s time to check out the WODs. Let’s dive deeper into all that’s involved.

Home Chipper

Let’s face it!! The dictionary of Crossfit doesn’t contain the word “Easy” and home chipper is an example of the same. It’s a descending ladder workout that needs a start with hundred reps of the first exercise. Then it drops down to ninety for the second rep. So you are practicing one ninety reps dip with eight exercises. The list includes the following.

  • Ninety situps
  • Seventy burpees
  • Hundred squats
  • Eighty alternative lungs
  • Fifty mountain climbers
  • Thirty hollow rocks
  • Sixty-second planks
  • Twenty Jump Squats
  • Ten hand release press-ups.


To perform Helen, you need to start with four hundred meters run, then perform twenty-one kettlebell swings and complete the set with twelve pull-ups. Once done, you need to repeat the circle again and then again.


Instead of setting a goal of completing the required reps as early as possible, Cindy always lasts exactly twenty minutes. You need to utilize these twenty minutes performing repeated circuits of five pull-ups, fifteen air squats, and ten press-ups. In twenty minutes you need to hit fifteen rounds.


Eva works almost like Helen, the difference lies in distance, reps, and weights intending to create an absolutely vigorous circuit. For beginners it can be started with five rounds, later can be increased. The list of exercises includes thirty kettlebell swings, thirty pull-ups, and, eight hundred-meter run.


Every good comes with some evil, Crossfit bodyweight workouts, is of course not an exception. In some cases, it’s strictly not recommended to practice Crossfit. Let’s check out what they are!

  • If you have any serious shoulder injury you should always stay away from Crossfit.
  • You should not perform Crossfit if you are pregnant or passing through your menstrual cycle.
  • Heart patients should avoid practicing Crossfit.
  • If you have postural issues, you should always avoid Crossfit.
  • If you are suffering from elements like hip-mobility issues and muscle imbalances, you should not go for Crossfit.

Crossfit bodyweight workouts may work like a magic if practiced under the right supervision. If you’re just starting with Crossfit, never practice it at home without any supervision. Find out a trusted Crossfit Gym and enroll yourself for training. Hope this helps!