Can You Enjoy Cheat Day Once a Week Bodybuilding?

cheat day once a week bodybuilding

Before you indulge in a hearty cheat meal after a week of following the bodybuilding diet plan, it is essential to consider many factors. You must know what a bodybuilder is allowed to cheat on and when. It is always good to understand the recommended diets for a bodybuilder and how it affects his goals. 
This means that a bodybuilder must know what to eat and what to avoid even on a cheat day.  Diet plays an significant role in bodybuilding so let’s look into what is “Cheat Day Once a Week Bodybuilding”.

Cheat meals once a week – Are they really beneficial?

When a bodybuilder takes the right food with recommended quantity, it provides his body and muscles with the nutrients needed to recover from the exercises. In this way his muscles grow stronger and bigger. Some people will associate taking non recommended foods with zero or negative results.
We reviewed many studies to find that cheat meals are not associated with boosting metabolism, as people claim. They believe that the burst of carbs may be beneficial for muscle recovery. However this claim is not supported by research.

Excessive Number of Cheat meals can be harmful

Some people may confuse a cheat meal and a cheat day. Cheat meal does not means that you can eat or drink whatever you desire through an entire day. If you do not take proper diet at appropriate times, it means that you are harming your body sooner or later. 

A diet rich in carbohydrate and fats will increase your blood insulin levels and negatively impact your nervous and digestion systems. This unnecessary change in diet may also disturb your daily routine, training programs and your posture. 

stomach pain

What is the right food for a bodybuilder?

This is the very first question that every new bodybuilder has in his mind. It is always necessary to follow the diet plan given by your trainer. The recommended foods for a bodybuilder are as follows:

Low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, dry beef (without oil), white meat, chicken breast, apples, grapes, oranges, bananas, watermelon, peaches, bread, popcorn, cereal, rice, spinach, green salad, broccoli, beans, cucumber, mushrooms, corn, green peas, potatoes, kidney and black beans, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, low-fat margarine, mustard and olive oil. 

The Right Way to Include a Cheat meal in your diet schedule:

Most probably, your nutritionist will advise you to abstain from taking these foods:

French fries, pizza, fried fish, chicken wings, onion rings, alcohol, cookies, candy, ice cream, beverages including sugar, cakes, and other bakery items, doughnuts, broccoli, beans, cauliflower, butter and buttery foods, creams, and heavy sauces, diet soda, and sparkling water.

However, most people find it impossible to stay away from these temptations for long. Within a few days of following their diet meals, people start thinking about pizza, French fries, or ice cream. Therefore they are allowed cheat day once week of bodybuilding.

cheat day once week bodybuilding,

Cheat or Not to Cheat

You can definitely enjoy a cheat day once week bodybuilding, but remain careful about your weight and always weigh the damage these cheat meals may cause. You can call it Damage Control.

It is for sure that cheat day is not good for everybody. If it is okay for one person, then not necessarily for others, so you can’t decide abruptly whether cheat day is fine for you. To remain on the safer side, we recommend you follow.

What is the best time for a Cheat Meal?

A bodybuilder can’t avail of cheat meals any time of his bodybuilding period without consulting his dietitian. However, the best time for a cheat day is the time when you have to gain mass. During this time, you can enjoy cheating meals once a week or once in two weeks.
Leaner bodybuilders can avail cheat meals more frequently than the fattier ones. However, they need to remain careful not to overeat to be muscular.
If you take a diet with the right amount of calories, your body will demand fewer cheat meals. Therefore a bodybuilder must make sure that he is following his diet plan properly. If you skip some foods in your diet plan, your body is more likely to crave cheat meals.
The calorie deficit created by the lack of the required amount of protein makes your body demand more food to overcome its requirements.

When should you avoid a Cheat Day in Bodybuilding?

It is harmful to cheat meals when you are struggling to lose weight. When you take a cheat meal, it is very difficult to control yourself afterward. It means that you may crave more cheat meals which you must not eat. You must remember that you have to come back to your controlled diet for continuing your bodybuilding exercises.

How to compose smart cheat meals for your cheat day?

You are allowed to eat something different from your daily diet plan. But it does not mean that you are allowed to over-indulge. It is always good to avoid sugar-laden foods with zero nutritional value for your body except for giving a glucose spike in your blood. 
Here is how the most popular items can be added as a cheat diet in your plan:


The concept “A pizza is always harmful to a bodybuilder” is wrong. Research on this topic was conducted by Dr. Eric, a sports consultant in Ohio, USA. He believes that a limited amount of pizza, say, two slices, can be added to the diet at a specific time, such as at 3 pm. Taking pizza slices in the evening has more possibility to add extra fats to your body. These two slices may have 500 calories, 24 grams of fat, and 21 grams of protein.


A cake with little frosting and icing provides carbohydrates to a bodybuilder’s body. How much frosting is suitable is important, and to be on the safer side, consult with a bodybuilding dietician.


Cheese is an excellent source of protein and calcium and should be included in any bodybuilding exercise plan for fitness. Any type of cheese, whether mozzarella, Swiss, or cheddar, may work in your diet. Cheese can be taken to continue complementing any other food item, or you can add in your breakfast with bread slices. It can also be taken before going to bed at night, which will help you in your muscle catabolism when you are asleep. 

Soft Drinks

A soft drink is a source of calories, but it is a mixture of sugar and flavors. Therefore a bodybuilder has to be cautious when taking these drinks. A soft drink consumed after training or exercise is helpful to rebuild glycogen for a bodybuilder’s muscles. If you want to be thin and lean, take a bottle or can of soda 30 minutes before exercising at the gym or take it immediately after bodybuilding training.

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Most doctors and dietitians believe that butter is harmful to bodybuilders because of high fats. However, they recommend low-calorie mayonnaise. Use of mayonnaise in a diet plan or as a cheat day diet is harmless. However, use you have to consider several calories in the same. The bodybuilder dietitians can provide the right advice for this purpose. 


When you are on a bodybuilding diet plan, it’s okay to crave cheat meals. Sometimes your body demands “Cheat Day Once a Week Bodybuilding” because, according to sports psychologists, people are bored with the same healthy diet plan over and again. Therefore they suggest taking a cheat meal once a week.

However, you have to be careful to take cheat food because overeating may destroy all your hard work done throughout the week. It is always better to consult with a bodybuilder dietician for this purpose. Planning also makes you more comfortable when you follow regular diet plans as well as cheat day routines.