Can You Get Big with Calisthenics – All you need to know

Can you get big with calisthenics

Choosing between varieties of exercises to engineer your body the way you want is difficult. But, now that you have decided to go with calisthenics, let’s answer the question which brought you here – can you get big with Calisthenics? Well…the straight answer is, yes! You can gain mass with calisthenics.

Abolishing expensive gym memberships, set free from complex equipment, and freedom to perform wherever you want are trump cards of choosing Calisthenics over others. Your bodyweight alone will help you to inaugurate the goal of getting really big.

The power of calisthenics handout fortitude muscles – Not just gain

So, while answering the question, can you get big with Calisthenics, it’s imperative to find out, is it just the shape or its considerable strength along with which attracts you? If it’s option two, you are going the right way as calisthenics is well-known for muscle endurance. The training process is different so are the results.

Let’s get into the science behind it. Training is not the time when your muscle grows, but it’s the rest hours actually working. Muscle growth dependence is on the tension and weight applied to them for prolonged time frames.

Such practices give out muscles with micro-tears and reclining time allows them to rebuild. Keeping in mind, you need to consume enough calories which will naturally utilize rest hours to rebuild muscle and add mass to it.

It’s a long term investment – Give it time to mature

Now as you know about the science behind it, let’s update you that calisthenics is adequate with putting the above-mentioned stress and pressure which you need to gain mass. In return, all you need to do is to move slowly and focus on form.

Don’t be in too much hurry to attain mass, as calisthenics will be parallel to mass gain and progression in strength during the journey. Focus on concentric and eccentric training, as these will develop your body variously.

It’s not just mass that you gain but will also develop coordination, flexibility, and balance. Listed below are some of the bodyweight exercises to start with.

Man doing pushup for Can You Get Big with Calisthenics?

Role of protein – a knight in shining armor

Protein will be playing a major role in your journey towards the bulky you. The micro-tears which occur during exercises are recovered by your body with the help of protein chains. So In simple words, it can be said, the more muscle you aim to gain, more should be the protein intake.

Divide the consumption to at least three to four meals in a day to keep it well balanced and get the most out of it. The best practice is to schedule it a couple of hours before and after your sessions.

Hope you’ve got your answer to the query, “can you get big with Calisthenics?”! So, don’t hesitate to integrate calisthenics into your daily fitness routine! Promote healthy living, stay fit!