Bent knee hip raise | The complete tale

abs for Bent knee hip raise

Considered one of the most effective work-out in terms of the strength training program, if you are planning to add this to your daily routine, it’s a great move! It falls under the beginner difficulty category, so even if you are new to workouts, there’s a green signal to start with bent-knee hip raise.

Make the most of it

To perform daily activities, our core strength plays a vital role to help us deliver potential and performance. This calisthenics abdominal exercise is a compound movement that gives movement to multiple joints. Even for such occasions when you miss your gym session, conducting this particular exercise will be beneficial. 

The procedure – A step by step guide

Step One – You need to set down on your back and lay straight. 

Step Two ­– Place both of your hands on the ground just next to your sides.

Step Three – You need to achieve a 75-degree angle with your bent knees.

Step Four – Raise your feet off the ground by two inches. 

Step Five – Maintain the 75-degree angle; use your lower abs to pull your knees towards you adding a exhale motion to your breath.

Step Six – Continue pulling your knees, rolling your pelvis backward till the time your hips get off the floor and knees above your chest. 

Step Seven – Hold the position for one to two seconds. 

Step Eight – Start inhaling and a controlled motion to lower down the knees back to the position you started from.  This was a complete instruction to accomplish one full rep and repetition depends on the guidance of your trainer or the number of reps your body allows you to. Make sure that you maintain a height of two inches above the ground till the time you are into this exercise.

It’s a shield against problems with back

Besides, to strengthen your abs, this exercise boosts your solidity throughout the core. Often many people are being noticed with a poor posture and in most cases suffering through the back-pain. This is very normal because of long sitting hours in the wrong posture and even during sleep.

Being a core building exercise, bent-knee hip raises abet fiber alignment and posture. It acts as a true non-medical pain-killer for back pains improving balance and agility. Thus, it can also be said that this exercise builds up self-confidence as well.

When you have an improved and straight posture, lower probability of pain during the execution of physical activities, it’s going to boost up your credence in yourself.

Targeted muscles

  • The primary target of this exercise is the Glutes which itself consists of three muscles and is also the most sturdy and longest muscle of your body. 
  • Abdominal muscles which we call abs in short are placed in between ribs and pubic bone ahead of the pelvis.
  • Your lower back starts from beneath the rib cage till hips. 
  • The hamstring muscle group is mostly used in all physical activities such as walking, running, etc. 
  • Hip flexor muscle group which are at the top of your thighs and are the chief participant during movement of your lower body.

Moving on to the next difficulty level

Once you master the above-mentioned process of bent-knee hip raise, you could add up more to the difficulty level. In the next stage, you can practice the same with straight legs rather than bent. This will add up more to the benefits and also you will raise a level higher. 

Though this exercise doesn’t require any equipment, adding up weights to ankles will give more resistance. The stronger your approach becomes towards these levels, the better output crop up. 

Realignment of hips – A major concern

In some cases, uneven hips affect your body deeply and it’s important to realign the same. This exercise will raise the bar of expectation in this process. An uneven hip causes various disturbances to one’s body structure as listed below:

  • Curved Spine
  • Dissimilarity in leg length
  • Notable rib cage on one side
  • Shoulder blade or uneven shoulder which might stand out more towards the lower hip

Uneven hips also tend to give rise to back pain in most cases as our daily life is involved in various physical activities. This exercise along in addition to your daily routine’s workouts will surely help in improvement. 

End Notes of Bent knee hip raise

Working for both beginners and amateurs, this exercise will help you achieve strong core strength. We all wish for a well-built muscular body, but before that, you need to carry a strong core that could dominate injuries that might occur. 

For many, it also helps in putting up more weight during activities such as squats and deadlifts. Lifting your legs won’t be that easy as it’s in lifting weight on your back. Be it losing weight or gaining more strength, you need to practice this! Best of luck! Hope to see a stronger version of yourself soon! 

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